What is E-Jaidad?

StarJaidad.com is the most popular and effective property portal of Pakistan which connects the buyers and sellers online to provide ease and convenience for everyone. StarJaidad.com also provides affordable housing solutions for Pakistanis living in all major cities of the country.

A User-Friendly Online World:

StarJaidad.com provides a transparent effective platform to connect all stakeholders of the real estate sector with each other. Buyers, sellers, real estate agents and others come together in a secure and user-friendly online world.

Affordable Housing:

StarJaidad.com plans to launch Pakistan’s first Affordable Housing Initiative across the country. Designed to meet the needs of the common people of Pakistan, this initiative promises to provide low cost housing units, with an affordable price tag and installment based payment schedule, in almost all major cities.

Trustworthy Relationship:

StarJaidad.com believes in integrity and trustworthiness to achieve the optimum level of credibility and confidence of all stake holders of real estate sector. In order to obtain this, sanctity and security of all received information is ensued with high care.

Backed By Star Marketing:

StarJaidad.com has the honor of being backed by the biggest and most trusted real estate marketing company of Pakistan, Star Marketing (Pvt) Ltd. which has a very impressive track record across the country and enjoys remarkable good reputation in the arena of real estate marketing.

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